Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to stop spam in Blog

really feel angry and frustrated with those spams
keeps coming every month...

I need to remove it one by one ..

anyone have the idea how to stop it to be appear in the comment??


  1. Hi! What is the problem?
    I'm having a blog,this is why I ask this question.

    Have a nice day.


  2. You may choose to disable comment for a particular blogpost, or for the whole blog.

    To set comments setting for the entire blog, go to your blog > Customize > Settings > Comments, you may customize a lot of comment setting here e.g. only Users with Google Accounts to leave comment, or have comment moderation.

    To set a particular post comment setting, go to that post, select Edit then look for the Post Options, there are settings for Reader comments.

    Hope this helps :)

  3. MK,
    Thanks a lot for the infor.
    I tried the setting. Hopefully will not get those spam anymore :D
    thanks :D

  4. you are online too :)
    My bed time. Good night.

  5. hehehe...
    wah..so eary for ur bedtime :D
    good night.
    Btwn, I'd like to add you in my blog list. can I? Hope I have this pleasure :D

  6. hehe sleep early is good for health :D
    sure, thanks for doing that :)

  7. 我的部落格也有耶!!!害我要一个个去deleted.所以现在要在我部落格留言会先经过我的approved才会出现。一有spam,就得deleted...不会先出现在我的部落格里。这样会比较好,可是我也不晓得该怎么让它彻底消失。:S

  8. Agnes,
    I tried as what MK teach in comment.
    At least until now, there is no such spam appear....


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